How to Paint Shiny Metal


Painting Shiny Metal

“Hey you there, hand me that tube of ‘metal color’ paint. I’m doing chrome here and that should be just the trick.”
You too may have discovered they don’t sell tubes of ‘metal color’ paint. Dangit!
“Well thats just great,” you say, “This is going to be too hard…I’ll paint something else.”
Now just hold on there, wait a minute, things are not as gloomy as they may appear.
Let’s take a look at my painting Jacks.

Let’s take a closer look

Zooming in, we see an almost abstract quality to the ‘metal’ being painted. In fact, I did not paint ‘metal’ at all. What I did was paint the various bits of color represented to my eye by the effects of light and the reflection of things close by. This ‘abstract’ grouping of colored shapes just happens to ‘look’ like metal when you step back.
Focus your attention on your subject matter, really look at it, see it’s visual make up. Really analyze shapes and colors, what the edges are like; are they fuzzy and fractured or crisp, hard and smooth?
Keep in mind that you are not creating the actual thing, but are simply ‘representing’ it in paint on a flat surface. You are creating yourexpression of the thing.

Remember that you are wonderfully unique in all the world. If every other person on Earth painted the exact same subject, every single painting would be different than all the rest. It is the unique, individual voice, or hand in this case, that enriches the world. Of course it is essential to ever be learning and improving, but be sure to let it be your work that comes from you.

So don’t be scared to paint metal, just like painting anything else, it’s a combination of shapes; colors, values and edges.

You will very likely have a more pleasant time painting if you can get the what it is out of your head. It can psych us out to think of it as metal, glass, a nose, or a finger etc…
But then again, perhaps not, maybe it’s all done by magic. Yes, that’s it, I and other painters of metal are alchemists. We have our secret formulas and, you can bet, I’m certainly not telling where I keep my mysterious tubes of ‘metal color’ paint.

So, what are your thoughts? Did this help? If you have any feedback, feel free to share it in the ‘comments’ below, I’d love to hear from you.
Enjoy this day, and keep painting.

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