6 Step to Overcome the Starving Artist Myth


Starving Artist? No thanks.
Earning an income is a necessary part of life, it is part of being a responsible person and contributor to both the lives of one’s loved ones and the community in which one lives.

The difficulty of making a living as an artist is legend. Who has not heard the maxim Starving Artist?
Truthfully though, it can be difficult to make a living in any field of endeavor. There are certain things that must be in place for success to be realized. Top among these I would put the following five:

1. Persistence
2. Definiteness of purpose
3. Concentration of Effort
4. Exceptional quality in product and, or, service
5. Master Mind team as outlined in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Artists often believe it is particularly difficult for them to make a living because of the widely held belief that an artist who wants to make money by selling one’s art is “selling out”, not being true to one’s art. A loathsome attribute to be avoided.

This is of course true of those “artists” who only want to put out a product, a commodity, for money; where one’s heart is set on the cash, not on the art. In such a case there is good reason to doubt whether there is any “art” involved.

So what’s the alternative?

6. Lastly, I submit that financially successful artists do not strive to get money from people for their artwork. Instead they have a true feeling of giving. Yes, I said giving. That’s a ‘true feeling’ of giving. This is possible for others of course, but it is particularly sweet to the creative artist.

The real artist, the artist true to his or her work “gives” people the opportunity to purchase their work, to own it, to enrich their lives with it, to make living a better experience because of it. Not looking for an opportunity to take, but an opportunity to give. Not to obsess over the number at the bottom of the invoice, but to hear and feel the ‘inner voice’, both their own and that of their collector.

This approach allows the artist to feel comfortable charging a fair price, to charge what is truly needed to make a good living. The collector in turn “gives” the artist the opportunity to continue producing exceptional and inspiring works of art which “give” pleasure to the lives of collectors, their friends and others.

This enables the artist to keep one’s mind and heart focused upon, and true to, the art of their artwork.
If you would like to share your thoughts on this topic, please share it in the ‘comments’ below, I’d love to hear from you.

I wish us all ‘success’!
Enjoy this day,
Mark B. Goodson

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