Little King, Jesus in Egypt


Little King, Jesus in Egypt

This is a painting I had been pondering over for quite some time. When the boy showed up in my life, the model, I hadn’t thought I was ready to do this one yet. As often is the case with most of us, I was more ready than I realized.

I have not done a lot of religious paintings, particularly of Jesus. There seem to be so many of them. In painting such subject matter, it is not enough to me to make a picture of a handsome, clean, even ‘glowing’, nice guy. I mean, there are images out there that even have his clothes radiant, and make it seem that dust never gets near him. I cannot relate to such a redeemer. The Lord I read of in holy writ trod the dusty roads and descends below all things. He doesn’t stay clean on the outside, He goes where he is needed. He embraces the weary.

If there is need of religious art, and I strongly believe there is, it should, I feel, stir within us a feeling of Gods love for us, that our appreciation for him, and more, our faith in Him be moved to grow.

It is my feeling that those of us who are struggling to like ourselves, to believe we have value, are lovable, let alone worthy of God’s good graces, might more easily embrace a message from Christ as a child. My hope for this painting is that as individuals see this regal little king with his dirty feet, they might feel something. His spirit of love perhaps. They might get the idea that they are okay, they are loved, they are being watched over in some way. They can make it through their challenges, through life. They can have joy, even now.

When I explain this painting, this is how I do it… The Little King visits with the viewer and in almost a private, personal whisper this is what he says…

“I have been rescued from Harod, I am safe. I know who I am and I know who you are, I love you. I have come to rescue you. I can save you. Believe me, please believe me. Have faith in me. Come, follow me”.

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